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FOXSEW Sewing Machine is a professional Manufacturer and Supplier of High-Quality Automatic Sewing Machines, Sewing Machine Unit and Workstation, Programmable Pattern Sewing Machines, Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Leather Upholstery Sewing Machines, Tape Cutting Machines, Industrial Sewing Machines, Special Sewing Machines , Cloth Cutting Machines and Household Sewing Machines. FOXSEW focus on High-end Sewing Machines Market in the world, they had been always supplying the best quality machines for respected customers from all over the world. FOXSEW Machines are widely used for many field, such as Garments factories, Leather Sofa and Furniture Upholstery industries, Automotive Interiors, Bags and Handbags, All kinds of Case and Suitcase, Webbings and Slings, Tents and Parachute, etc... Nowadays, you can find everywhere the sewing machines existed, and FOXSEW are there together with you. FOXSEW specialized in manufacturing all kinds of sewing machines series, including basic models, like Single needle lockstitch machines, double needle lockstitch machines, Overlock Sewing machines, interlock sewing machines, etc... And also some special type sewing machines & high technology machines, such as eyelet buttonhole sewing machines, Bar Tacking Sewing Machines, Feed off the Arm Chainstitch machines, Multi-needle sewing machines, Heavy duty sewing machines, carpet overedging sewing machines, blind stitch sewing machines, etc... Especially for Programmable Pattern Sewing Machines, FOXSEW is becoming the leading company both in China and abroad. The Pattern Sewing Machines are used not only in Garments Industries, but also other industries, like Upholstery, Auto industries. FOXSEW Heavy Duty Sewing Machines sold well all over the world market. They are widely used for Leather Sofas, Automobile Interior Trims, Bags, Furniture and Home Upholstery, Shoes, etc... FOXSEW is also doing well in the Garment equipments, our Cutting machines are also popular with customers from different countries, Automatic Sharpening Straight Knife Cutting machines, Round Cutting machines, Hot Cloth Drill, for Tape Cutting machines, FOXSEW is the number one manufacturer and supplier in China mainland, you can find all kinds of Tape Cutting Machines here easily. Household Sewing Machines sold very well both in North American market & European market. All the products are in good quality and outstanding performance, they are selling well all over the world Like South America, South Asia, Middle east, Southeast Asia, Africa, East Europe, Middle & North America, South East Asia, etc... The perfect after-sales service won praise from all the customers. We believe in "High Quality is the Soul of an Enterprise", what we want is just to do the best service to our customers, Now, let`s see Where Sewing Happens !
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  • How to make Disposable Protective Coveralls by FOXSEW Sewing Machines: Firstly, sewing machine lockstitch sewing machines and overlock sewing machines. Then use the Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine to make the sealing process. For more details, please contact us by E-mail:
  • Automatic Elastic Cutting Machines are well inspected and tested before delivery FOXSEW FX-120H/300M E-mail:
  • How to make Big Hole Picot Hem Stitch By Sewing Mahcines: Step-1: Fabric Yarns Removing by FOXSEW FX1338 FOXSEW FX1338: After Yarns Removing: Step-2: Make Big Hemstitch picoting sewing by FOXSEW FX1722: FOXSEW FX1722:
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  • Tape Binding Sewing Machine for Mattress and Quilts
  • Automatic Elastic Loop Joint Sewing Unit
  • Automatic Jeans Pocket Setter
  • Direct drive post bed double needle compound feed sewing machine
  • Cylinder Arm Leather Sewing Machine
  • Single Needle Cylinder Arm Unison Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine
  • Long Arm Double Needle Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • Double Needle Heavy Duty Sewing Machine with Auto-Trimmer
  • Computerized Post Bed Ornamental Stitch Machine
  • Double Needle Post Bed Ornamental Stitch Sewing Machine
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