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Leather Skiving Machine


Leather Skiving Machine FX801

FOXSEW Leather Skiving Machine

Working Video-1: www.foxsew.com/company-video/leather-skiving-machine-for-shoes-907.html

Working Video-2: www.foxsew.com/company-video/leather-skiving-machine-282.html

Working Video-3: www.foxsew.com/company-video/leather-skiving-machine-694.html

Working Video-4: www.foxsew.com/company-video/leather-skiving-machine-for-shoes-693.html

Working Video-5: www.foxsew.com/company-video/leather-skiving-machine-711.html

This machine is precisely designed for leather skiving. It adopts the latest technology and precise components so that the operation is easy and safe. The utmost width of skiving is 50mm. It has the automatic chip removing device and grind-knife clutching assembly. It is suitable for skiving and trimming the edge and surface of shoes, belt, bag and gloves made of various leather, synthesis leather, and rubber.

Technical parameters:

Model FX801
No. of Threads 1
Speed 1100/1200
Gw/Nw kg 40
Lubricating Oil #18
Means of Lubricating
Motor w 370
Packing Size 610×420×440 mm

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